Chuck Akers
January 09, 2021 at 10:36 AM
Concrete Style

What aesthetic fits your personal house style and taste?

No matter what style pulls you in, concrete is a wonderful medium to fit any project. Concrete is versatile and can be stamped, stained, and shaped into any pattern simple or complex. The options of color, texture, and choices are endless. Concrete is an excellent option for patios, pool decks, sidewalks and driveways. Shape, color, and texture can all be manipulated to support the style you would like to achieve. Let the options below stimulate your imagination and let’s get creating!


Modern design has resurfaced as of late and is showing up in many outdoor designs. Large geometric shapes and straight sleek line are its trademark features. To achieve this design with concrete is easy because concrete is an industrial product that fits into the modern theme all on its own. Your modern patio shape should be kept simple with 90 angles and sharp corners. Stamps and stains are not necessary when trying to achieve the contemporary look. Grays and black keep the appearance more unitarian. 

Old World

Distressed old world style can take you back to a simpler time and place. Imagine an aged “cobblestone” pathway that leads onto your “heavy stone” stamped patio. Stamped and stained concrete provides you the browns, terracotta, and aged transparent stain needed to pull off an antique façade.

Farmhouse Chic

Summit Concrete has the best concrete stamp suitable for this look called “Barnwood Plank.” It is a 6- or 12-inch barnwood hardwood floor stamp giving you the look of an old farmhouse floor but with the durability of concrete. With antique concrete stains to match like walnut and oak. Check out our photo gallery to see how convincing this stamp really is. 


Traditional style will always be an All-American favorite. Its formal appearance with brick pavers and rich colors can set the mood for summer BBQ’S and pool parties. Summit Concrete’s “ashlar slate” stamp is a perfect texture for a large patio that keeps with the traditional theme without being too busy. Also, a brick pathway leading up to a traditional home is a wonderful custom touch.


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