Chuck Akers
October 13, 2015 at 10:47 AM
First Impressions

When we think of a driveway, we usually imagine a grey, simple driveway that is identical to every other house on the block. Colored concrete or stamped concrete driveways give many more opportunities to customize and set your home apart.

Take into consideration these benefits of a colored concrete driveway or a stamped concrete driveway:


Make your home unique. Give your home a look that sets it apart from every other house on the street. This will come in necessary when you decide to sell your house and you can get a higher return for upgrading your exterior.


Color and stamps can help hide future stains and imperfections. Driveways can get stained with oil from your car, dark staining from your tires, and imperfection from scratching and wear. Help prolong your investment by choosing color and designs to help minimize the appearance of these defects.


Define your home’s style. Is your home modern, traditional, or country? Allow your concrete design choice to demonstrate continuity from the outside of your home to inside your front door. Modern designs should include more sleek geometric shapes using grey as the focal color. Traditional homes will use more formal brick lined driveways and sidewalks to accent their homes traditional beauty. Antique Farm-like homes will use rough stone stamps and antique weathered colors to enhance their homes style.


Allow your driveway to be the best first impression for your home. Call Summit Concrete for a free estimate today. 615-295-4547

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