Chuck Akers
August 25, 2015 at 10:01 AM
Is Concrete Best?

Is concrete the best patio material to use?

In my professional opinion, Yes! Not just because I'm in the concrete business, but because most of the people that call Summit Concrete to install a concrete patio already have one made of:

Wood Decking- Tends to rot, splinter, and fade in color.

Pavers - Always seem to move and need re-adjusting. Weeds can take over.

Stone - Hard to keep clean and expensive.

Grass/ Landscaping– High maintenance and seasonal.

If done correctly concrete will last for 30 or more years with just some simple maintenance every couple of years.

Some great qualities of concrete are:

Affordable- Concrete is less expensive than stone and pavers.

Durable - Concrete will last 30 plus years

Versatile – You can pick just about any design possible and it can be completed in concrete.

Less maintenance - Clean and reseal once every two years

Environmentally Friendly – No trees required! Also you don’t have to repaint.

Adds Equity- A beautiful outdoor space can add value to your home.

Give Summit Concrete a call and let us help you plan your outdoor space. Check out our Pinterest page for design ideas and to see our recent projects.


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