Chuck Akers
March 07, 2017 at 13:21 PM
Pool Season is Coming

Pool season is getting closer so start getting prepared early. Colored and stamped concrete is an ideal pool deck surface, combining the attributes of natural stone, high durability, and low maintenance. Stamped concrete pool decks give you options not possible with other pool deck materials. You can choose from many different patterns such as stone, brick, tile, and even wood-grained textures. Using stains, colored concrete, and antiquing agents Summit Concrete can color your pool deck to mimic natural stone or customize the color to complement your home and landscaping. When properly sealed, stamped concrete will also resist harsh pool chemicals, weather exposure, and fading. If you're worried about your pool deck getting slippery when wet, you can easily improve the traction by mixing a nonskid grit additive into the sealer, we use Shark Bite. Here are some other ideas for enhancing the look and function of a stamped concrete pool deck:

Summit Concrete’s Design ideas:

  •  If your concrete pool deck is exposed to the hot sun all day, you can keep the surface cooler by coloring the concrete with lighter shades, such as smoke, pewter, or beige.
  • Avoid using stamp patterns with deep grout lines or rough surface textures, which can allow water to collect and be uncomfortable to walk on in bare feet. We love the heavy stone stamp for pool decks.
  • Accent your pool deck and add interest by installing a hand trowled pool border, or coping, in a contrasting color and pattern. The typical pool coping is 1 foot but mix it up by choosing a 24 inch boarder instead.
  • Terrace the levels of your stamped concrete pool deck to provide separate zones for lounging and recreation. You could even add a fountain or pergola for more drama.
  • If your current pool deck needs attention we can help you with that too. There are overlay and spray materials we use to make it look good as new!


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