Chuck Akers
January 13, 2017 at 09:52 AM
Resurfacing vs Demolition

Save Money with Resurfaced Concrete Instead of Demolition and Replacement

     Is your patio or driveway starting to show its age? Is the wear and tear of everyday use or weather taking away from the appearance of your hardscape? Call Summit Concrete to discuss overlaying your existing concrete with a product we can stain, stamp, and seal to look better than brand new. We can make the new surface have any appearance you desire from flagstone to hardwood. Another benefit is it only takes a few days for us to completely transform your existing concrete into something to be proud of. The benefits of resurfacing vs. demolition and replacement are:

  •          No breaking up existing concrete and hauling away the debris with much less mess
  •          We can finish the job more quickly
  •          Resurfacing instead of replacement will save thousands of dollars
  •          No concrete trucks on your property, and no jackhammers annoying the neighbors
  •          You end up with a decorative, artistic finish of your choice to match your homes decor
  •          Much less time is required, and your new resurfaced area is quickly back in service
  •          We can easily stain or stamp the new overlay to improve its appearance at half the cost of other materials such as real stone, brick, tile or wood planks
  •          Overlay product is usually more durable and less permeable than other surfaces

Please take a look at Summit Concrete’s website as well as our social media accounts where we post pictures and testimonials of happy customers almost daily. Thank you for allowing us to serve you.


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