Chuck Akers
May 05, 2016 at 10:22 AM
Top 10 Reasons to Work in the Concrete Industry

Top Ten Reasons to Work in the Concrete Industry

1. Concrete can create just about anything. People use concrete as a medium for their homes, countertops, furniture, and outdoor decor. The only limit is our imagination. It is becoming a staple in the modern design style.

2. Concrete endures. Some Roman structures are still standing after 2000 years. Think of all the concrete structures that have withstood Mother Nature after all this time.

3. Concrete jobs even the playing field for a lot of hard working people. People with only a high school diploma can work their way from an entry level position to a project manager with hard work and determination. Plenty of small business have been established by individuals who have worked their way up.

4. Concrete tradesmen will always be in high demand. Growth in Middle Tennessee has led to an increase in the demand for skilled workers which has boosted their salaries exponentially.

5. Concrete offers a sense of accomplishment. When you work in concrete, you’ve done something exceptional that few people could do, and the finished product speaks for itself.

6. Infrastructure largely depends on concrete. You can’t build homes, apartments, roads, or bridges without it!

7. The concrete trade is built on integrity. Many of our employee’s and fellow concrete tradesmen have been taking pride in their work for decades.

8. Concrete finishing is multifaceted. We use critical thinking skills daily, from changing weather conditions to the different situations each new job and job site presents. Innovations and technology keep us on our toes as we adapt to new and better ways of doing a timeless job. 

9. The concrete industry exposes you to many great mentors. I have been fortunate to have many seasoned concrete experts to advise me, and some that have blessed me by working for Summit Concrete.

10. Concrete advances the civilized world. Hospitals, colleges, laboratories, libraries, city halls, and all modes of travel depend on concrete’s rock solid foundation. Our world wouldn’t exist without well-poured concrete.

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